About Me

Light comes and goes, a magic happens, a moment in time is captured. The drama of light and shade, the kaleidoscope of colours, textures, hues and expressions captured by the camera, leaves behind a moment etched on a piece of paper for us to cherish!

I am not just a photographer by profession but more so by passion. For me photography has been a constant companion since 1978, an eternal love affair. It has nourished me, taught me, empowered me and has made me feel special. Photography is my heart and soul, photography is my friend and guide, photography is my bread and butter.

I work for advertising, corporate, and editorial clients. I take pride in the diversity of my projects with subjects ranging from people and products to architecture.

I am a consummate professional photographer. My attention to detail and the technical aspects of photography are always present in my work, but never prevent me from getting the shot in a timely manner… a must for a commercial photographer.

I take pride in myself on my extensive range of photographic capabilities. My talent encompass interior residential and commercial photography, large products, furniture and bedding manufacturers, machinery and other industrial products Jewellery  photography, product shots for catalog, advertising and web use, annual reports, food photographyprofessional portfolios, industrial, instutional and outdoor location photography.  My wedding photography, Pre/post wedding shoots surpasses the standard of the market based photographers as my style is contemporary and unique. I weave photo stories. I specialize in image manipulation, photo retouching and enhancement. I have the capabilities to handle shoots on location as well as in my own studio. I work with top of the line professional equipment.

My photographic goal is to work within the digital mediums to achieve for my clients the highest quality images possible. I pledge to use all necessary resources to meet my customer’s practical and creative needs by exceeding their expectations. I will always maintain a professional atmosphere, a serious work ethic and a healthy concern to achieve these goals at a fair price.

My clients are sending me work from all over the country. Some send products to be shot, others send layouts or concepts to be created in my studio, others send assignments to shoot people or places.

I focus on creating beautiful photographs that capture my client’s vision. My eye for composition and detail, and my ability to work with my clients as a team help me to create images that speak for them selves.

My goal is always to provide images that will be a valuable assets to my clients.

Pradeep Mahajan EFIAP

Interests & hobbies:

Astronomy: exploring, understanding and photogaphing the wonders of the cosmos from my personal observatory.

Music: a notch above the bathroom singer and occasionally play tabla.

Travelling: love to drive my Bolero SLX, on mountains. I live in it literally when I go shooting landscapes.

Cooking: my family loves it when I cook.


Awards and Achievements

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